Drapery Trends: The Shift Towards Stationary Panels

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Clients commonly ask me, “are draperies in style?” While the past few years have seen trends towards minimalism and the clean look of shades, draperies have made a comeback for 2022 with a few caveats.

Simpler is Better

Current trends are still focused on simple, clean looking window treatments. Do you remember when massive multi-layered curtains with fluffy folds and coordinating top treatments were in style? Not anymore.

In 2022, clients continue to reject the pomp fabrics, layered looks, and complex structures in favor of sleeker designs. This means layering clean, efficient, and budget-friendly stationary drapery panels over shades, shutters or even blinds.

Stationary panels are different than traditional traversing draperies. Typically, panels are constructed of 1 or 2 widths of fabric approximately 20 inches wide, depending on the desired fullness. In contrast, most traversing draperies are 100% to 200% of the window width. Panels are mounted on a standard drapery rod that spans the top of the window, short drapery rods, or even board mounted.

Panels offer a much smaller stack that does not obstruct or impede the window or the view. They offer style, elegance, and romance with a fraction of the fabric, and less fabric means stationary panels are more budget friendly. Stationary panels are also less work because they do not require constant dressing, which is the process of carefully folding traversing draperies so creases line up with the pleats.

Bring the Outdoors In

Clients are wanting calming colors, earthy fabrics without obstructing the windows or view.  The pandemic facilitated a greater appreciation for health and wellness as we balance work and home in very different ways. When it comes to window treatments, this trend towards wellness includes making fabric selections that are calming, eco-friendly, and beautiful. This means bringing the outdoors inside by using natural fabrics in calming colors that do not impede the view.

Clients are also asking for natural and renewable fabrics that are low volatile organic compound (VOC) emitters. VOCs are chemical additives, such as benzene and formaldehyde, which are often added to materials and released into the air we breathe. Eco-friendly fabrics are fabrics made from renewable sources like cotton, silk, or wool as well as recycled materials.

Form and Function

While stationary panels add elegance and romance to rooms, they also are functional. We all understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. Sleep experts explain that darker rooms help stimulate the production of melatonin, which is a sleep hormone that helps you fall asleep quickly. Dark rooms also keep you from waking prematurely allowing you to complete your sleep cycles.

The trend towards health, which includes good sleep, explains the renewed interest in room darkening fabrics and stationary panels in the bedroom. Room darkening fabrics block the natural light from entering the bedroom. Unfortunately, even the best room darkening shades leave light gaps on the sides. Layering stationary panels over room darkening shades blocks the light gaps.

In conclusion, my answer to clients is always the same, “ultimately home décor and window treatments are a matter of personal taste.” Afterall, you are the living in your home and looking at your window treatments daily. The trend towards stationary panels over traversing draperies, however, can achieve the look of beautiful draperies without the high cost or overpowering your beautiful windows and views.

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